About Zupyak

Where it all started

It all started when our co-founder Qi Cao created a website called Techsite.io. Being a techie, Qi wanted to create a website where you could find all the tech news in one place. However, this idea didn’t really fly. So instead, Qi built a feature where users could upload their own content, and didn’t think much about it. He logged in a few months later, and 50 000 businesses had found the platform!

Zupyak’s three co-founders, Qi, Patrik and Erik

A content marketing platform was born

Qi realised that he was on to something. All these businesses were writing great content about their businesses, but had nowhere to share it. Hence Zupyak started growing, and growing. Fast forward to 2021, Zupyak had 250 000 users. Qi realised he needed help, so he brought in Patrik Brännfors and Erik Wikander, who formed the founding team.

From tractors to trips to Mount Everest

Zupyak - Man with laptop

Today, Zupyak has over 300 000 member agencies, freelancers and businesses in any industry imaginable. This means we have content and users related to everything from tractor tyres to trips to Mount Everest! What they have in common is they have understood that content marketing is a great way to achieve a lower marketing cost while at the same time providing valuable information to their potential customers.

What the future holds - community driven content marketing

What Qi, Patrik and Erik also realised was that these businesses were also really keen to connect with others in the same industry. The idea of creating communities around these industries was born. Imagine a place where you can find and engage with all the content, businesses, freelancers and potential partners in very small niches!

We believe all businesses, regardless of size, have a right to a digital presence. And that the best content is created through working together, with other businesses in your industry. Join our journey and sign up today!